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    What is a fabric laminating machine? How to maintain the fabric compounding machine? Jinan professional wear manufacturer tells you
    It is a fabric textile machine, which is a new material formed by bonding one or more layers of textile materials, non-woven materials and other functional materials. It is suitable for making sofa, clothing and other textiles. It is one of the fabrics for people's home life.
    Fabric laminating machine: the maintenance of plastic leather laminating machine, paper laminating machine, shoe material laminating machine, clothing glue point laminating machine, fabric laminating machine and Fang water film laminating machine are similar.
    1. Clean the machine and wheel surface.
    2. Always check whether the gearbox and bearing are short of oil and add oil.
    3. Keep the electric box clean and clean the dust.
    4 check whether the line ends are loose.
    Jinan professional wear manufacturer
    5. Check whether the screws of all parts are loose.
    1. Control the water temperature during washing, because cashmere belongs to protein fiber, and about 35 ℃ is also a comfortable temperature range for human body.
    2. Turn the inside out of the cashmere sweater, soak it in warm water dissolved in detergent for about 15 minutes, and then slowly squeeze the clothes until they are wet through.
    3. The cleaning time of cashmere sweater should not be too long. Gently knead it for 2-5 minutes, and do not use force in the process of washing, which is easy to deform the clothes.
    4, after washing cashmere sweater, do not use fried dough twist to squeeze water out, so that cashmere sweater will be changed. The cashmere sweater after washing should be squeezed out of the water in the cashmere sweater with light pressure, and then the edge of the basin should be used to squeeze out the excess water.
    5. After cleaning, lay the wool and cashmere clothes flat, stack one layer with a soft dry towel, and then squeeze the excess water with extrusion.
    6. The cashmere is still wet after extrusion. In order to dry it as soon as possible, roll up the towel and sweater like rolling life 1, so that the towel can absorb excess water again.
    7. Dry in the shade and avoid exposure to the sun.
    The shoes we usually buy are white, and the bottom edge of the shoes is white. White is easy to get dirty, and cleaning is too laborious. The more we cross yellow, brother 1 shares a small trick with glue. Simply wipe the shoes for a few times, and the shoes are white. But for shoe factories, what if the shoe glue turns yellow or yellow? Don't worry, 1 brother has the same method of using glue for shoes.
    1 brother's shoes use glue to remind the side of the shoes that they are dirty. Don't wash them with water. Use rags and toothpaste. Squeeze a little toothpaste. Pay attention to white. Add a few drops of water and mix them into a paste. Wipe it with a rag dipped in toothpaste. You can see that it has turned white after only a few times. The more you wipe, the whiter it becomes. Wipe this white shoe again. Look, it turns white after wiping. It's very good. It turns out that the friction agent in the toothpaste can remove dirt, and the toothpaste also whitens. Wipe the edge of this shoe. OK, wipe it briefly, and the shoes will turn white and clean. You can also try it.
    So the problem of dirty shoes for consumers has been solved. What about the yellowing of shoe glue in shoe factories? 1 brother's shoes help you with glue; In the market, we usually encounter the bonding between white materials and rubber. Because the treatment agent used for rubber contains oxide x, it is oxidized by the glue when it is covered, so it turns yellow. The way to do this is not to overflow the water when treating the substrate rubber, and the overflow should be handled in time.
    The simple method is to use the yellowing resistant 1 brother shoe glue, which is developed from rubber and solvent. It has the x-energy characteristics of no yellowing, no hardness, good brushing X and adhesion. It is to put it into the 8 ℃ oven, take out the bonding material, hang 5g weight, and then open the glue by 5.5cm and 1.8cm compared with most of the glue on the market.








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